Why as a professional Photographer I'm NEVER in my family photos!


I realized recently that if you look back on all my ‘family’ photos or my social media feeds it looks as though, at worst, my kids are left alone all the time or at best, my husband is a single parent! Here’s the thing…because I’m taking the photos, I’m not in them! Not.A.One! And despite being a professional photographer I’m not overly keen to be in front of a lens. I instantly shy away from a lens pointed at me. Or grab one of the kids as a human shield!  

How is it that most of my ‘family’ photos are missing a pretty important member of the family? The Mum/Mom/Ma/Mother!

As Mother’s we undervalue our visual role in our family’s memories. We understand the importance of documenting everything for our kids. So that when they’re grown up they can look back and see their first go of solid foods, first steps, first bike, birthdays, Christmas and holidays on and on! We know this documentation is so important! To mark occasions and turn them into memories! So why are we leaving ourselves out of these memories?

I understand a Mother’s reluctance to be in front of the camera.

But trust me when I say you are important to these memories! Your kids do NOT care that you don’t think you’re photo ready, want to shed a few pounds or haven’t grown your hair to just the right length. There is no amazing time to have photos taken except RIGHT NOW! Right now, when your kids are kids. Right now, in this moment!

So, I vow I will start turning that phone around and using the dreaded (eek…it hurts to say it) selfie stick and include myself in more family moments.

I want my kids to see photos of us together in the future. To look back and remember how little they were in my arms, or how quickly they grew taller than me! I want them to see the resemblance in our features and how one of them has my crooked nose (sorry son #1!). Also, that we have a great time together and that they are loved no matter that my multiple eye bags seem to be permanent now (they don’t care about my dark circles)!

Right! Come on all you camera shy Mums (and Dads, Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles) get into your family photos!