Man and Maddie

Say a big hello to Maddie! The 14-year-old Sable German Shepard. The phrase ‘Man’s best friend’, in reference to the four legged furry creatures known as DOG, is well known one. It’s a saying thrown around lightly to refer to how dogs can be almost human like in their companionship to us. Truth be told though, for some people, it’s not a throw away phrase, it’s 100% true. For some of us our dogs are our best friends, companions and at times, our life savers. 


Maddie’s best friend is the upright two-legged creature posing with her, he’s called Kenny. Kenny and Maddie have been friends a long, long time. So long that Maddie is now 14 years old and enjoying what is likely the ‘grey’ years of her life. 


I don’t need a lot of back story here to know that for Kenny, Maddie is most certainly his best friend. You can see in these images their bond, friendship and connection. You can see that Kenny has spent a lot of time talking to Maddie. You can also see the adoration in Maddie’s eyes. Kenny is most definitely her ‘human’. And likewise, I’m sure Maddie has conveyed all her thoughts to Kenny…mostly….’more steak please’ but I’m sure there’s deeper meaning there. 


I couldn’t have been more honoured to take some keep sake photos for Kenny and his family. I hope these images remind Kenny for a very long time his friend and the special years they had together. 



Sable German Shepard

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Maddie the German Shepard

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Man and friend!