Hello and welcome to Apini Photography. I am excited to share my work and art with you. My name is Melissa (Greek for honey bee hence Apini: Latin for honey bee).  I'm from Boston, Massachusetts (I dare you to spell that without looking) and was fortunate enough to meet my exotic Glaswegian husband whilst living in Florida (It's a fun story and one I'm happy to tell after 2 1/2 wines). Since meeting 15 years ago his job has taken us to New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia and now we're back in Scotland.  

Five years ago we decided to tuck away the passports and move back to Scotland for good. One of the many advantages to the move is that I get to embark on my dream and photograph the one thing that truly fascinates and excites me. People! People in life, living and loving life! 

A little more about me, I spend my non-photography related time acting as a taxi-Mum, reading, spending time with coffee and friends, cooking for the family and studiously ignoring the ironing pile. I often swipe the tablet from the kids claiming to be doing research into their future education when really I'm just playing Candy Crush.   

We have two gorgeous sons who have been trained at lens-point to be them selves at all times and not just give me ‘the cheese’. 
They are often my models and have taught me endless lessons in patience and creativity whilst working with moving objects.  We recently adopted a Labrador puppy called Dougal and he's been photographed more than the children! That officially makes the count in this house Males-4 Females-1...I'm getting out voted constantly!

Please enjoy my website and you can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Linkdin. 

Thank you and have a lovely day! 


Melissa Fisher Self Portrait